Sunday, January 27, 2013

Two Weeks Complete

1.14.13   Weigh in = 189.5
               3 mi / t = 0:31:26 / 5:18 PM

1.16.13   3 mi / t = 0:32:03 / 5:10 PM

1.17.13   3 mi / t = 0:31:13 / 6:00 PM

1.19.13   4 mi / t = 0:41:08 / 2:30 PM

1.21.13   Weigh in = 188.5
               3 mi / t = 0:29:48:41 / 4:30 PM

1.23.13   4 mi / t = 0:42:08 / 4:30 PM

1.24.13   3 mi / t = 0:30:40 / 4:30 PM

1.26.13   5 mi / t = 0:53:07 / 1:00 PM

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Long Interlude

Ok. Let's try again. Twila is doing a "Biggest Loser challenge" with some online friends. It lasts until the end of March.

Dan is training for a half marathon. Here is the training schedule. He will be running in the Bainbridge Half Marathon on March 23, 2013.

See ya. Got to run! Literally.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week Two Weigh In

Twila lost the most pounds this week.

Previously - 236
This week - 233 = 3 pounds lost for a percentage of weight loss of 1.27

I lost 2.5 lbs. Previously 187.5 now 185. Percentage lost of 1.33

The kids each lost .5 lb. Danny weighed in @ 134.5 and Tamara @ 149.5

I slacked off Monday it was raining and I wants to give some muscles a break. On Tuesday the muscles that could not complete Saturday's run were slightly better but still not able to complete the run. I ran for the first 24 minutes and ended up walking 8 min. out of 36. My run last Thursday was 5k in 33:37. I'm disappointed that I'm going backwards.

- Dan

Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 1 Weigh-in

Oh snap! Today's weigh-in results:

Dan - previous = 188.5
          today = 187.5
          percentage weight loss = 0.53

Twila - previous = 236
            today = 236
            percentage weight loss = 0

We are not going to give up!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Beginning Our Journey

This week Twila and I are beginning our journey to physical fitness. I do not like being so easily winded. I want to get my weight do to 165 lbs. Twila's goal is to get down to 180 lbs. After watching many episodes of Biggest Loser, we got inspired to see what we can do. Journey - key word. We are amateurs. If you are reading this blog and you see that we need some guidance, you may help by pointing us to someone qualified to help or if you are qualified by all means do not hesitate to help.

Sunday we took pictures before our first "Alternate" workout.

Monday September 3, 2012 we "weighed in".

       Dan - 188.5

       Twila - 236.0

Here is our work out plan:

       Thursday         Run/Walk (We run with a group "A Case of the Runs" on Thursdays)

       Friday         Alternate Workout (see description below)

       Saturday         Run

       Sunday         Rest

       Monday         Alternate Workout

       Tuesday         Run/Walk

       Wednesday Alternate Workout

Alternate Workout Plan

       Bodyweight Squats 1 min.
             (Yep. No weights, just squat as many times in a minute as you can)

       Arm swings 1 min
             (Start with one arm raised and one by your side. Start swinging.)

       March 1 min
             (Raise knees to your elbows or as high as you can)

       Shoulder Circles 1 min
             (Move your shoulders in circular motion)

       Jumping Jacks         1 min

       Bicycle Crunches 2 min
              (elbow to opposite knee)

       Line Hops         2 min
              (Jump from side to side over line. I use a jump rope for line.)

       Pushups         1 min

       Fast Feet         2 min
               (Jump forwards and backwards over line.)

       Crunches         2 min

       Bucket Curls 3 min
               (Use to buckets with one gallon of water in each. Curl 3 sets of ten for each arm)

       Jumping Jacks         2 min

       Pushups         1 min

       Toe Touches 2 min
                (If you can not touch your toes, spread your feet apart until you can. Alternate touching toes on opposite foot)

       Bicycle Crunches 2 min

       Brisk Walk 6 min

        Total         30 min

We did not make it through all the exercises (We are out of shape).